Telki Hold Otthon Senior Care

Our mission is designed to support the elderly to lead a meaningful life after their active life period by hindering the frequent old age isolation and loneliness. To this purpose we provide them a standard home with standard services, where they are able to live their everyday life in safety and love while being given the appropriate care. In addition, the relatives of our residents, who we keep close contact with, know that their elders are in safe hands.


Independent life

We offer it for those who would like to enjoy their years of retirement in a standard level hotel provided by the peacefulness, quietude and safety of Telki environment. We support them in developing and preserving their physical and mental health by an active way of life and regular sport opportunities.
Various social programmmes and activities are available for them.

Temporary care

Our institution provides temporary care for those elderly people or persons over 18 who are not able to care for themselves following sickness, surgical operations, accidents, breaks and falls.
Until they are well enough to go back home, they can enjoy the tranquility and safety of  the home in a high standard hotel environment, one of the highest quality, state-of – the- art institutions of Hungary.
In our home, physiotherapy is tailored according to the patient’s condition, type of illness and the possibility of cooperation with the patient.
In the course of the rehabilitation of patients with impaired mobility, after a comprehensive medical checkup, we make use of all the elements of complex physiotherapy available in our institution complemented with an individual and group rehabilitation plan.
Our aim is that our patients with mobility impairment could live a full life in their family home as soon as possible.

Respite care

Wish for a holiday or have to go on a business trip, but have no one to fully trust to care for your relative needing special care?
Our institution offers short-term high quality service in a homelike setting for the elderly and individuals over 18 who are not able to care for themselves in their homes for illness or other reasons.
They can enjoy the peace and quiet and the safety  of the home in a standard hotel environment,  one of Hungary’s highest quality and state- of –the –art institutions.

End-of-life care

The most important principles of care for the dying are preserving human dignity, lessening pain and supporting presence.
In the last stage of life our task is the regular attendance of the dying and supporting a dignified end-of-life.
This activity requires team work, as not only the nurse but also the pastor, the doctor, the psychologist, the mental hygienist and the family take part in attending the way leading to end –of –life.  We are able to give support- physical, mental, social and, last but not least, spiritual- by covering complex diversified special fields.
We put great emphasis on giving a listening ear at the end of their journey, which, in case of re-viewing their life, is an extremely important service of a hospice character.
In Telki Hold Home an old person before parting is accompanied by the spirit of hospice, we try to grant their last requests depending on our possibilities.
At the same time, we also pay increased attention to the other residents of the home and the family of the deceased. Mourning tasks starts with a fully dignified farewell and continues with remembrance. It is very important for us to lessen the effects leading to the development of  a pathological process of bereavement, but give ground to conversations about mourning, death and the deceased resident, too.